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Campus Guide - University of Ottawa

An app to help students at the University of Ottawa learn more about their campus, get involved, and stay organized.

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Search through a list of all the buildings on and off campus to find information on any room you're looking for!

Need directions? With your location, we'll give you step by step instructions to get there.

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Learn more about your campus than you ever thought you would with the discovery section.

Find tons of information on the school, faculties, events, and even city transit.

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If you're in need of a convenient place to keep track of your weekly schedule, then look no further.

Set up reminders for courses or events on campus, and get step-by-step directions to all of them.

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Never feel overwhelmed by the app and all its great features.

There's a convenient way for you to search ALL the content, from a single page, and browse for exactly what you're interested in.

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Make the app fit your needs.

You can check the settings to switch languages, access various accessibility features, and report any issues you encounter so we can make it better for you!